Friday, September 12, 2008

The Great Debate

Information Declan does not know and he is not alone.
RealClimate is run by the same people who edit Wikipedia.
Same goes for an IPCC reviewer.
Same for the MBH98/99 The Hockey stick.
Again the same with NASA .
These people work together and review each others works and refer the Media or the public to well renowned web Sites or organizations. Next time have a look as an example the NASA Web site ..Check Contributors. You will see the names of M Mann Gavin Schmidth Both of these guys work for James Hansen. Next look at Realclimate
You will see it is own by M Mann run by Gavin Schmidth and as a contributor under the name WM Connelly. The same Connelly is the Global warming editor for Wikipedia. Do the same kind of research about the IPCC and again you will find the same group " Kyoto" and of course within this tight group, others names appear here and there one of them Is AL Gore. We have today what is know as a CABAL.

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