Sunday, December 16, 2012

CO2 not a major climate warming gas.

Glacial ages tell us that during all four prior interglacial periods, CO2 never rose above or was around 290 ppm. This means we went from warming to cooling while CO2 concentration remained @290ppm.How did the earth get 4 interglacial periods while CO2 remain the same? We should be able to detect a rise in CO2 and then a warming period, a drop in CO2 and a cooling period, if CO2 is like we are being told a direct Global warming Climate driver, these warming and cooling periods should not have happened and the Earth's Climate should have remained the same.  Both the MEDIAVAL WARM PRERIOD and the LITTLE ICE AGE happened while CO2 was rising. Again, how can we explain the LITTLE ICE AGE if rising CO2 is supposed to cause the earth temperature to warm NOT DROP? This suggest to me  that CO2 alone cannot be a major source of Global Climate change and a multitudes of other factors are missing .Climate modelers for some reason or another have  ignored these DATA and programmed their models to show: “ a rise in CO2 cause warming .”  Today we have CO2 still on the rise and yet we have not had a rise in Global temperature in 16 years! And am I NOT supposed to question the theory that CO2 will cause catastrophic Anthropogenic Global warming?
 The entire theory of Anthropogenic Global warming or Climate Change is based on a life giving Trace gas being a danger to all life on this planet....Basically we are  being  re-educated to believe 2+2=5 and they have their pre-programmed computer models to back them up.