Saturday, February 26, 2011

no collective bargaining rights for federal workers

OOPS! That right-wing extremist Jimmy Carter and the Democrat congress passed the law which prohibited Federal employees to collectively bargain.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"We can't control the weather,"

Et pourtant ils ont convaincus les politicien et le public « les payeurs de taxe » que de dépenser des milliards sur sais cochonnerie que ça allait changer les climats. La semaine prochaine on va voir comment les panneaux solaires sont efficaces sous 2 pieds de neige.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Light-bulb law sickening

These lights contain almost as much mercury as a mercury filling. You get more mercury from eating tuna. These are not the only choice you have you also may purchase Halogen or LED lights. The old lights are 98% inefficient with the majority of power used converted to heat. The only real casualty here will be the easy bake oven. Tossing the old bulbs just makes sense and God forbid we do what is the right thing and improve the enviroment we live in. The C02 scare scam as some refer to it is listed by the US military as the largest threat to US security and world peace. If you think it is all a bunch of BS take a look at world food production and how it is being effected by this so called scam. Or the the changes in weather over the last 50 years in this country which have shown as much as a 63% decrease in cold weather days. Cold weather days are days that are -15 C. Yeah all a big scam to make people aware that this Natural Cycle which has not appeared in nature in over 650,000 is all business as ussual and that human pollution is not contributing to any of the problems. Take a few minutes and learn about global dimming as well as acidification of the worlds oceans caused by excessive C02 or the changes in the jet stream, Glacial melt or ocean temperature rise. Think on this, at one time the earth had C02 levels 10 times higher than now, there just was no life on the surface of the earth at the time.
If these So Call CFL Lamps are so good, why do we need a Law to impose/force them on to the Public?“ the majority of power used converted to heat” and If the Heat from the Incandescent lamps is removed this mean that we will have to turn up the Thermostats a “tad” up to compensate for the loss and resulting in more fuel being use. Is that not counter to what these poison lamps are suppose to do? “ Some improvement to the environment we live in.
“World food production has decline” No! world food production has not decline it is growing food for fuel instead of growing it to feed people that has decline Another wonderful gift from the environmentalist.Even Al Gore admits that this was the wrong thing to do.
“Or the the changes in weather over the last 50” Thank God it changes…what should the weather do? Stay the same?
“63% decrease in cold weather days” Where is that occurring? Even the high priest Phil Jones from the MECCA of the Environmental religion The UK MET Office/IPCC stated that “there has been no statistically significant warming since 1995 and between 2002 and 2009, the global temperatures had declined 0.12C (0.22F).” But! But! But! How can that be since CO2 is going up?
“this Natural Cycle which has not appeared in nature in over 650,000” ? 30 years ago it was cooling.30 years before that it was warming and before that cooling and so on.. seem to me that every 30 some years we do have a NATURAL weather/climate cycle.
“Think on this, at one time the earth had C02 levels 10 times higher than now, there just was no life on the surface of the earth at the time.” And that was when Antarctica turned into a block of Ice. While at the same time Life was flourishing in other areas.
And I am Sure at some point in our planet Billion years history that there was no life on earth.

We were told by now our children would not know what snow was... some of us do remember. Global Dimming? Check the tribune History and you will find some of my post regarding GD more then 3 years ago...( I think it is on my blog ).. Co2 is not a pollutant so what is the point of talking Pollution when there is no connection. Pollution is a problem we must deal with but for the right reason not emotional speculation regarding CO2. The only place where CO2 is a catastrophic global warming Gas is Inside a Computer Model, Not from Observed data. If one want? one can say that anything anytime anywhere can cause AGW. Example: Storms are cause by Global warming..How do we know? well we have storms. Another One a Flat tire will cause a car to ran out of Gas ! How do you know .. Well I had a flat tire and I ran out of Gas... It is call The Illogical Logic. Any thing can be cause by Global Warming .. a Bridge comes down GW . A Street Riot GW, floods ,droughts , Donuts Holes, Snow GW, no Snow GW Cold Hot ..even the Ocean Alkaline solution can be call Acidification if you try very hard.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Weather Isn't Getting Weirder

Global-warming alarmists insist that economic activity is the problem, when the available evidence show it to be part of the solution

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Predicting the Pakistan floods

Predicting the Pakistan floods is as easy as predicting that Joe Romm was going to blame political unrest on........ Global Warming.