Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Arctic sea Ice

In 2007 we were told " The First year ice is to thin and Might last the 2007 summer melt".
2008 same story " The Second year Ice is to thin and Might last the 2008 summer melt".
Of course non sense speculation that the Ice would be gone was even dated.

2009 came and by this time "The good old third year ice, " Yawn" ,would all be gone by 2020".
While I was debating and asking the Carbonistas " If you have an increase of yearly ice how can you claim that this ice increase is a decrease?
This is were I usually get the Deer caught in car Headlights look..... and then the usual Childish Insults ..Oh Yea ! Oh Yea ! well my dad can beat your dad!!!! type of thing.