Tuesday, November 30, 2010

wilbert1755: Fish Lake the Con Job.

wilbert1755: Fish Lake the Con Job.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Friends of Nemaiah Valley

"Politically, he says, all these groups are "involved in political agitation and keeping things off balance as much as possible."


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fish Lake the Con Job.

Again the Environmentalist and the Natives have taken the Liars road to accomplish their goals. The Natives do not want the Prosperity mine to proceed, instead of committing themselves to fight against the mine and the destruction of Fish Lake on principles and honest objections to the project, they choose to lie, distort, intimidate with threat of violence if the mine is to proceed. If the natives fishes the lake "regularly", why is it the people who REALLY camp and fish there for 6 weeks at a time, have not seen them? Why is it that if Fish Lake is a "an important food fishery" then how is it that the only native people seen up there in 20 years were SENT THERE 3 years ago, "by the chiefs" and also said, "we don't fish here, it's too far from home and the road is too bad." And “ We do not eat them fish they are too small and do not taste good”
I guess mining companies don't have the exclusive on disinformation, propaganda and false claims.

I personally have no problem if the project is terminated by solid, scientific and rational reasons. BUT if it is terminated by propaganda, lies, blackmail and coercion, then I will have a huge problem.
If this mine goes ahead, and the threatened blockades appear, don't be too surprised if "counter-blockades " appear, also.