Friday, February 5, 2010


The United Nations would be the shell in which this new power structure would live. As for the uber-wealthy who had constructed this entity, they would hold privileged positions, as well as hold on to theirwealth . The rest of us would be compelled by our national governments to shell out money to implement whatever programs and controls deemed worthy by the new transnationalgovernment (expect the first 100 or so years to be dominated by "reparation payments" to every group that had been oppressed by anyone, ever). Our local governments would be given limited latitude to act independently, always subject to oversight by the transnational (unelected)government.

Sounds paranoid? What do you call what the global alarmists want to do? They want to compel countries to transfer billions, flowing from industrialized Western nations (primarily the United States) to developing nations, under the pretext of preparing for the effects ofglobal warming . They want to remove national sovereign control of energy resources. Extra-national entities would use mechanisms like global carbon taxes (and likely more direct means in due course) to control what means for generating energy are allowed, and how much energy is consumed. National governments would to do the dirty work. Having ceded sovereignty, neither individuals nor nations would have means of recourse or appeal.

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