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The CBC and the Northwest Passage

"That was the first — that I'm aware of anyway — commercial cargo delivery from the east through the Northwest Passage.".. and of course repeated by the CBC and alarmist blogs as facts.
Then we get "Rayes said he's proud to know his company, which is a managing partner of Nunavut Sealink and Supply, is the first to deliver sealift cargo through the fabled Arctic waterway."

the CBC report "Waguih Rayes, the general manager of the company's Arctic division.

Rayes, who was on the vessel during its trip through the Northwest Passage, said the company informed the coast guard, which put an icebreaker on standby.

"They were ready to be there for us if we called them, but I didn't see one cube of ice," he said.
the original report was: "A member of the crew is reported to have claimed that " there was no ice whatsoever"
Now the rest of the story .

Nunavut communities await supplies from crippled Avataq.

Schools in Igloolik, Hall Beach and Repulse Bay still await supplies that were supposed to arrive two weeks ago on the MV Avataq, damaged Sept. 26 after a nearly disastrous incident in Hudson Strait near Salluit.

The breakdown, plus bad weather, threw the 113-metre ice-class cargo ship, owned by Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping Ltd., behind schedule by about two weeks.

A tug is now slated to tow the vessel to Igloolik between Oct. 7 and Oct. 9, and then on to Hall Beach, said Barry Tarrant, manager of the Northern store in Hall Beach.

His store, like Northern stores in Igloolik and Repulse Bay, is waiting for its entire sealift order to arrive. That includes soda pop, trucks, skidoos, bikes and food.

But communities in Nunavik won’t have to wait any longer for their sealifts.

Cargo for three communities in Nunavik was transferred during the weekend, from the Avataq on to the MV Camilla Desgagnés.

Kangiqsujuaq received its cargo on Saturday.

“Camilla is presently delivering the Puvirnituq cargo load, and then will sail to Inukjuak, with cargo onboard for clients of both carriers,” said Waguih Rayes, the general manager of Desgagnés Transarctik Inc., in an Oct. 5 email.

The MV Camilla Desgagnés remains on schedule for her subsequent destinations in the Kivalliq to deliver Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc. cargo, he said.

The cargo ship remains on " SCHEDULE" and nothing out of the ordinary a typical normal delivery before winter since ...The MV Camilla Desgagnés is a Canadian cargo vessel that has operated since 1982 in the waters of eastern and Arctic Canada.

The CBC report state "
"Residents were surprised to see the MV Camilla Desgagnés come in from the east, he said."
One would think there would be a least some mention of this "SURPRISE" in the article from the Arctic news?
Here is another article for this year...

Posted by SJP on October 01, 2009: Some of the comments.. My gosh! For a second year in a row, NEAS has failed to provide on-time service to my community. Last year, the haul cracked on the ship destined to Igloolik. As a result, the NEAS ship arrived in mid/late October, and the weather was just nasty at that time. This year, the AVATAQ is already 3 weeks overdue (originally scheduled September 10, give or take a couple of days), and with the transfer of cargo from the AVATAQ to the AIVIQ, will only delay arrival once again. I’m OK with considering weather delays and ship issues, but why doesn’t NEAS change there scheduling to something earlier in the shipping year (such as NSSI, whom was here in late August)? "

Why indeed? this blind faith in Global warming is so strong with these people that putting sailors lives at risk is a non issue.
Why was the general manager Waguih Rayes doing on that ship?
well look no further ...Could this be the reason?

The Northeast Passage - a trade route linking North European and Siberian ports to Asia in summer months - has been open since 1934, and was made available as a route for international traffic after the fall of the Soviet Union.
The CBC as Tax payer funded entity cannot continue to ignore an entire section of the Canadian population. We must reclaim the CBC's impartiality or put it to rest by dismantling it, if it fails to respond to the tax payers.

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