Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Honor among thieves.

Even the Criminals of Climategate Avoid Gore.

What planet is this Davis on? Besides the clear evidence of criminality there is also the deliberate falsification of the science and perversion of the scientific publication and peer review process. His statement shows a complete lack of understanding of the email content and climate science. Like Watergate the problems of Climategate are compounded by the cover-up and nobody does it better than universities. Davis began with his condemnation of the leaks when first disclosed, but he had no problem with leaked emails he obtained about funding and provided to the CRU gang.

Of course, they were bringing in massive amounts of funding and that apparently bought Davis’s support. I watched funding create disturbing behavior and biases throughout academia.

No wonder the CRU gang ignored Gore. He took their false work and falsified it some more. Of course, they couldn’t denounce him because they might expose their own corruption. Together they achieved only one success by disproving the adage that there is honor among thieves.


Doug said...

Anyone who defends these criminals will go down with them!

acadie1755 said...
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acadie1755 said...

You are right ..but let's not forget that these people have also the law,News , education etc on their side since we have let them take over everything with enough power to punish them if they get caught. Just look at Rajendra Kumar Pachauri IPCC that crook is a railway engineer with huge investments in the carbon industry.what the Heck?