Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank God For Carbon

acidifying oceans, dying coral reefs, more frequent droughts, are all based on simulations carried out on very large computer models of the world’s climate. All the models are constructed on the assumption of global warming caused by increasing atmospheric CO2. These climate models have suffered major credibility setbacks in recent years.
They have been unable to predict the temperatures we have actually experienced,
particularly since 1998, as temperatures have remained stationary or, as in the last
two years, declined by 0.7 °C, despite increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations.
Furthermore, there have been major changes in the model predictions, but these
have not diminished the faith of the global warmers (or carbonistas), nor of the policy makers who follow them. Early predictions included the idea of ever-increasing temperatures (as in the notorious hockey stick graph), but now we are told that global warming has been delayed until 2015.
The satellite and radiosonde (weather balloon) measurements taken of tropospheric temperatures in the tropical regions have shown no increase in the last ten years.
Every climate model requires these particular temperatures to increase with increasing
atmospheric carbon dioxide.
It has been admitted by some of the climate modellers connected to the IPCC that
their simulations cannot describe in any detail clouds or cloud formation. The type and extent of cloud cover over the earth has a very large impact on radiation input to the earth from the sun and on the earth’s radiation to space. Th is is, therefore, a damning admission from within the global-warming community.


Anonymous said...

Your lack of understanding of modeling, the situation, and the difference between climate and weather is astounding. Do you really feel powerful, using the Internet to broadcast and spread your own ignorance?

acadie1755 said...

Oh my God did I offend your precious religion?
To be member of a cult run by machines is not healthy.