Saturday, August 15, 2009

The New Politics, A Speech by carl Pope

* Increasing Mining Royalties and Grazing Fees on public lands -- "Mining claims on federal lands are property rights. The current grazing fee formula takes account of a permitee's private property rights."
* Blocking Interior Secretary Babbitt's Grazing Regulations --"Grazing permits result from pre-existing property rights. These rights are well documented throughout western water and land-use law."
* Mojave National Monument -- "Thousands of mining claims, numerous operating mines, and grazing permits would be included inside the boundaries of the new parks and wilderness areas.... Property rights supporters sparked significant opposition."
* Forest Service Road Budget -- "To reduce the Forest Service roadbuilding budget by $11.9 million. In addition to timber producers, these roads have multiple uses; private property inholders, mining claimants, grazing permittees and recreationists use them as well. Without access, private property is worthless...."
* National Biological Survey Volunteers -- Rep. Billy Tauzin offered an amendment forbidding the National Biological Survey from using volunteers. "Defenders of private property voted yes. Volunteers could have self interested motives to find endangered species and would be much harder to control through civil service regulations than federal employees."
* Mining Law Repeal -- "The General Mining Law of 1872 provides incentives to encourage people to discover and develop minerals .... The bill would radically change this system..."
* Montana Wilderness -- "Rep. Pat Williams' bill would create new wilderness areas in Montana totaling 1.6 million acres. Mining and other activities would be prohibited within these areas..."

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