Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chevy Volt's "230 MPG" Propaganda

The Chevy Volt gets 230 MPG? Really? Using GM's "calculations" if you drive under 40 miles per day, you will get infinite MPG! The reality is that the Chevy Volt runs 40 miles on battery power, then a gasoline generator kicks in and you average around "40 MPG". However, I will wait for the real MPG rating as the Prius's initial 60 MPG rating was a lie - try 45 MPG. But what does a plug-in electrical charge (which is not free) have to do with MPG? Absolutely nothing, it is pure propaganda using it to calculate "MPG". How dishonest has Government Motors become to sell a car that only the mathematically challenged would buy? Apparently a sucker is born every minute...

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