Sunday, July 5, 2009

Comments on Draft Technical Support Document for Endangerment Analysis for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate modeling simulations run by the IPCC, shown in Figure 5.1, suggest to them that natural forcings alone cannot explain the observed warming (for the globe, the global land, and global oceans) and that the observed warming can only be reproduced with models that contain both natural and anthropogenic forcings. This, however is contrary to the findings of Scafetta and others (2008 and 2009) and for the reasons discussed in the previous entry do not appear to apply to satellite data for the period 1978-2008.

Analyses of paleoclimate data show that CO2 increases follow temperature increases rather than the other way around (Fischer et al., 1999) and (Caillon, 2003). This strongly suggests that CO2 may not be causing higher temperatures, but rather that higher temperatures cause a rise in CO2 levels (which is logical given the reduced capacity of water to hold CO2 at higher temperatures).

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