Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is man-made global warming real? 23/05/09 12:41 PM

Is man-made global warming real? 23/05/09 12:41 PM
After the Narnian winter we've just had, a reasonable person could easily agree with controversial
Friends of Science spokesman Dr. Tim Ball on this much: Global warming is just another unfulfilled
government promise.So, why are we still preparing to spend money on it? Good question.
Ball is controversial because the retired science professor bucks the prevailing wisdom on global
warming, calls the science behind it wrong, and questions the good faith of the governmental
agencies promoting it. He gets flak. He also gives it, as he did Thursday to a crowd of 400 at
Calgary's Metropolitan Centre, in an event sponsored by a reinvigorated Friends of Science, and the
Frontier Centre for Public Policy. For instance, the idea that carbon dioxide generated by human
activity is unnaturally warming the atmosphere through some supposed greenhouse effect is not (and
never was) supported by facts that were reasonably easy to obtain. Want to know where the problem
is? It's cycles related to solar activity.

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