Monday, February 9, 2009

Global warming a manmade political message to be etched in stone with stimulus package $400-million

The US economic stimulus package includes $400 million for climate research, but it isn’t needed because the science is settled. But sarcasm aside, the money will not improve the science because government funding goes to thwart not to advance science. Up to now money was used to prove an hypothesis not disprove it as is the normal scientific method and this practice will not change. Every time evidence emerges questioning the hypothesis it becomes the focus for a counterattack.

This began early when the traditional scientific method of disproving a hypothesis was usurped for political purposes. The anthropogenic global warming hypothesis (AGW) assumes:

1. CO2 traps heat in the atmosphere through the ill-named greenhouse effect.
2 An increase in atmospheric CO2 will cause global temperatures to rise.
3. Atmospheric CO2 will continue to increase because of growing human economies using fossil fuels.