Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to talk to Climate Alarmist

How to Talk to a Climate Alarmist: The Skeptics Handbook
Joanne Nova has written an excellent downloadable 16 page handbook, ‘The Skeptics Handbook,’ which is available form her JoNova weblog:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Financial meltdown defrocks deceit of man-made global warming

The financial debacle and the climate change misdirection fit Abraham Lincoln’s dictum, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” Maybe now politicians the public and the politicians will acknowledge that they can and have been fooled about climate change.

A clear and present danger: Scientists with political motives

“Stepping into a political fray is almost unheard of for a scientist, especially one of Weaver’s stature” illustrates his lack of understanding of the formation, mandate, structure and activities of the IPCC, all of which are purely political.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wet Droughts and Dry floods

Global Warming - more wet droughts and dry floods.
What's next, wet droughts and dry floods?

Comments and reports about global warming are getting silly and even
We're told cooling is due to warming. More rain and flooding and less rain
and drought are both due to warming. More hurricanes are predicted while
fewer occur. Global temperatures declined as much in the first few months of
2008 as they increased in the previous 100-plus years due to warming. Every
natural event has now become unnatural.
What is next on the scary agenda, wet droughts and dry floods?
More and more people are questioning and learning about the bad science.
They see and hear the contradictions in the claims, the failure of previous
disaster predictions. Enough reports trickle through to raise questions
about previous threats.
Actually, ridiculous statements and definitive claims of doom are a good
sign. Good because they are a sign of desperation as evidence accumulates
that human CO2 is not causing warming or climate change. Good because people
and governments are changing their positions faced with the evidence and the
costs already incurred by wrong policies and actions. Good because
governments are coming to their senses and getting their priorities right.
Unless you live in B.C.
Al Gore's 10-year threat implies a tipping point. James Hansen and others
similarly warn we are close to such a point. Ironically, we are reaching a
tipping point, but it is not the one they would like. Rather it is the
tipping point created by their extremism. A point were the increasing claims
and threats become so irrational and ridiculous that they force people to
change their perspective even if they still don't understand the science.
We heard 14 years ago: " In 10 to 12 years we will reach the tipping
To the zealots, this obvious discrepancy is easily miss since asking
question within this new religion is forbidden, let alone being allowed to
talk to "outsiders," commonly known amongst the converted as "deniers,"
consequently showing how weak the science they try so desperately to defend
Al Gore and James Hansen are still defending the year 1998 as being the
warmest year in the past 100, while denying that the temperature data show a
steadied temperature and even a slight decrease of -0.07C in the last 10
We are in 2008 and if 1998 is the warmest year as these alarmists claim,
then they contradict themselves and confirm that we are indeed in the 10th
year of no temperature increase.
Japanese scientist, IPCC reviewer and Nobel prize winner Dr Kiminori
Itosh, is the 11th IPCC AR4 report writer to quit the IPCC and call climate
fears: "The worst scientific scandal in history! When people come to know
what the truth is ,they will feel deceived by science and scientists."
W. Robichaud
Williams Lake

Friday, October 17, 2008

Plants have rights to CO2 at 2,000 ppm

Chimpanzees are going to get human rights in Europe. They won't be real humans so far, just persons who must get their lawyers who can use anti-discrimination laws to protect their clients and who can bring their guardians new tax breaks. But John Christy is ahead of them:
Follow the logic. If flowers, trees, etc. have rights, then they should have the right to their original food supply (CO2) in quantities as it was when they evolved (about five times today's value).Another follow the logic: If it is legal to commit the crime of vandalism on power plants to reduce CO2, then it should be legal to run stop signs and red lights because you reduce CO2 as a result. John C.Indeed, half a billion years ago, the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere was about 2,000 ppm. That's when the plants began to evolve. They have the right to get their optimum atmosphere that has been catastrophically stolen from them. ;-)Anyone who prevents the CO2 from returning to 2,000 ppm should be arrested for damaging the basic human rights of billions of Tree Americans, Potato Americans, and other groups that have been discriminated against so far. :-)And even if someone is a racist and an anti-plants bigot :-) and prefers CO2 to drop, she should allow cars to run red lights because it reduces CO2 emissions, either because the car doesn't have to accelerate again or - even more efficiently - because some nasty CO2-emitting humans will be killed.Now, both John Christy and your humble correspondent are joking: in reality, the "justifications" of the proposed policies are irrelevant in comparison with the important bad consequences that they would have.But the problem with all the jokes in this context is that we are surrounded by thousands of nutcases who are constantly proposing very similar regulations and they seem to be serious about them.

Scientists Challenge UK Govt Climate Committee to 'Drop flawed science and the Climate Change millstone - Save the economy'.

"There is no evidence that Carbon dioxide has ever controlled, is controlling or will ever control world temperatures or climate and I challenge the promoters of this nonsense to produce evidence to justify their policies - or drop them, just as 13 world scientists** have similarly challenged the UN."Climate Change policy is a millstone around the UK and world economies. The beneficiaries are oil companies who ram up prices with abandon (taking advantage of limits placed on expansion of coal), bio-fuel producers who are increasing food prices and starvation, and the booming industry of climate change parasites such as carbon traders and nuclear power-mongers."Taxpayers and the developing world are the losers. There is a world recession now upon us which is being made deeper by Climate Change policies and the perpetrators must be called to account. Banks and industry are going bust yet the green fundamentalists want to impose more of this madness on the world. They actually want to increase their burden on the UK economy and deepen the world recession**. "Genuine green policies to defend bio-diversity and reduce waste should be supported but the deceitful manipulation of the goodwill of many people in order to promote policies of mass taxation, expensive and dangerous energy like nuclear power and cuts in world living standards must be stopped. The UK and the world now need cheap energy solutions like coal to diesel technology which can be made smoke free. The danger for honest green campaigners - unless they break from the stranglehold of the Climate Change lobby - is that when the Global Warming swindle is exposed their spirited defence of nature will be forgotten too."CO2 is no problem - it is the Gas of Life (GOL). The problem is Climate Change Policy - not Climate Change which is beyond man's control. Global warming is over. World temperatures have fallen from their peak ten years ago while GOL (CO2) has been rising rapidly. The world was much warmer than now in the Bronze age 4,000 years ago and there was much less GOL (CO2) then. The bounteousness of world vegetation goes up with GOL. We need more GOL not less!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reality check…again.

After reading a few articles about how “well” the Europeans are doing at tackling Global warming. I just had to take a look to see for myself and I wish we all did the same.
Here is what I found after a single Google click under “EU Cap and trade”.
Brussels EU leaders clashed last night over how to cut greenhouse gases a year after making climate change their top priority with a series of tough targets. The first signs of a retreat from the much-trumpeted green pledges came from Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, who called for concessions for German car-makers and heavy industry.
Chancellor Angela Merkel has again reiterated the need for Germany to build coal-fired power plants. Merkel said Germany would only be able to continue meeting its own demand for electricity if it built new power plants .
Germany wants to limit industry purchases of emissions permits to cover no more than 20 percent of their carbon emissions caps from 2013 to 2020, for government and industry. Germany wants to exempt power plants altogether from having to buy any EUAs in the second trading cycle of the scheme. How are we to built alternative energy and convert our home to be more efficient if we cannot operate our industrial plants?
The Czech Republic want to block the European Commission's plan to auction carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions permits to energy companies after 2012, government officials said on Tuesday.
Poland want to block auction.
If we have to buy 100 percent of allowances from 2013, it would cost 5 billion euros [US$7.6 billion] per year and the price of energy would rise by 50 to 70 percent.
Britain's climate change emissions is 12% higher than officially stated, according to a National Audit Office investigation which has strongly criticized the government for using two different carbon accounting systems.
The report says there have been "no reductions in UK emissions" if measured by the national accounts method. The figures contained in the report fly in the face of consistent government claims that it is reducing emissions.
Using the more stringent accounting standard, the investigation finds "there have been no reductions in UK carbon dioxide emissions" from the 1990 level.
All is not well in the EU and we better ask our politicians some very hard questions.